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Affiliate Offers Unique Support for Families

As a licensed family therapist, Lisa Schwartz brings a valuable perspective to our work. “Because I understand the psychological and emotional issues around educational planning,” she says, “I can normalize what families experience and help them understand the impact of their feelings on this process.”

When Lisa originally began serving Bertram families in 2004 as Director of Operations, she often was the first point of contact for inquiring families. As clients frequently commented on Lisa’s gift for being an empathic listener, she discovered a new calling. “I enjoy talking with families about their efforts to help children grow and find their identities,” she says. In addition to working and parenting her own teens, Lisa began attending graduate school part-time at Fairfield University. She has now earned a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and has completed the residency and other requirements to become licensed.

To complement her private practice, Lisa is now an affiliate with The Bertram Group, blending her clinical skills with the insights into educational planning that she has gleaned over the years. Our process for all therapeutic placements builds in up to four hours for families to meet with Lisa. Families so appreciate this support—and the continuity it provides as students regain academic grounding—that most continue to consult with Lisa long term.

Families pursuing traditional placement also seek out Lisa’s expertise. “Transitions are challenging,” Lisa explains. “Even students—and parents—who are ready for the independence that boarding school brings may want to further develop their strategies for coping with change.”

The integration of Lisa’s expertise as part of the Bertram process is unique in the field of educational advising. “We are absolutely thrilled that Lisa is associated with The Bertram Group in this capacity,” Cammie Bertram says. “She is gifted at observing family systems and using that lens to strengthen families during times of complex decision-making.