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Announcement and Holiday Greeting 2014


For this issue of the newsletter, I invite you to explore our new website,which offers an expanded view of how The Bertram Group serves families at every point in the educational process.

The families with whom we work invest a lot in education. For decades now, our firm has offered the highest quality service to help families pursue the dreams they hold dear for their children's futures. This website outlines our approach to identifying opportunities beginning in grammar school and continuing through secondary placement, college and graduate school. Families will find information relating to independent schools for traditional boarding and day students, as well as for students with learning differences or who might need therapeutic educational options. We have also developed relationships with career counselors who help young adults successfully launch their professional lives after college.

In August 2012, I asked three of our professional affiliates—Audrey LudemannHolly Treat, and Jeremy McGeorge—to become full partners in The Bertram Group. Since then we have continued to expand capacity by adding more affiliates. Deena Maerowitz has joined Deborah Grabfield to specialize in college and graduate school placement. The addition of Linda Magnussen and Kristen Naspo has deepened our global expertise in serving both U.S. expatriate and international families. Lisa Schwartz brings her certification as a licensed marriage and family therapist to coach families as needed through critical educational transitions—a unique offering within our field. The website features profiles of all of these impressive experts. You can also learn about my own background, as well as that of Henry Bertram, who has taken on significant responsibilities as our Chief Operating Officer.

The website introduces our new logo, inspired by the Bertram family crest,which for centuries has carried the motto "J'avance." The motto and elements illustrated symbolize the values of integrity, unity, and personal growth that are at the heart of how we guide families and their children as they advance through their own educational planning. This crest exemplifies our mission at The Bertram Group.

Lastly, the website continues to archive issues of our Bertram Directions Newsletter and uses the latest web platforms to maximize accessibility on mobile devices. This makes the Bertram site and newsletter articles load more efficiently, thus saving money on mobile data plans. We are grateful to Good Design for the creative and technical expertise which they brought to developing our new website.

In total this new site offers a wealth of information about educational planning and how we at The Bertram Group approach that process with passion and professionalism, with honor, pride, and purpose. Our success at Bertram is a reflection of the strength of our relationships with the families we serve, with schools across the globe, and with other professionals in this field. We value these bonds and look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season,
Cammie Bertram