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Assessing Support and Scaffolding at Boarding Schools

As families launch into this year’s school search, many have questions about learning support in boarding schools. For the approximately 20% of a school’s population that engages regularly with academic support, families often ask what support is offered, who can access it and how it is delivered. In this video, Audrey Ludemann, educational advisor and Senior Partner with The Bertram Group, presents an informative session on learning support in boarding schools.  She is joined by four outstanding panelists: Chris Bartlett, Director of Enrollment at Proctor Academy; Ray Cross, Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid at St. Andrew's School in Rhode Island;  Allison Letourneau, Director of Admission at Berkshire School; and Lesley Nesbitt, Director of Enrollment Management at Kimball Union Academy.  Each panelist addresses a different topic in learning support, offering tips and advice gathered from many years of experience in boarding schools. We hope you find this video informative! For more information, please visit our website or contact us at

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