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Back to School 2015


Once again the back-to-school season brings the excitement of beginnings. Some Bertram candidates are settling into classes that are the culmination of their previous initiative to seek out a new school home. Others are moving into the most active phase of their school search for next year. For all Bertram candidates the first weeks back at school are a time of taking stock—reflecting on their summer adventures and last year’s accomplishments, while also setting goals for the academic year that is launching now. As we say at The Bertram Group, educational planning is a journey. In addition to celebrating each milestone, we rejoice in the discoveries and growth made along the way. And we strike the balance of being present in the moment while also keeping an eye on what is to come further down the road. 

We are excited to offer a guest interview in this issue of Bertram Directions. Executive Director Peter Upham and Director of Member Relations Andy Hirt of The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) talk about a new initiative to increase awareness of the value of North American boarding schools. 

In addition:

  • I explore the merits of considering boarding schools that are farther from home.
  •  Audrey outlines the unique opportunities presented by single-gender schools.
  • Deena discusses how families decide to hire educational advisors.
  • Holly discusses how students can expand their opportunities by telling their own personal stories with perspective and optimism.
  • The Action Steps column offers public speaking tips for upcoming interviews.
  • Jeremy highlights Sierra Magazine’s ranking of Cool Schools.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you and offering our professionalism and expertise to guide you along this path.

Cammie Bertram and the Bertram Team

From the Quad

When families begin exploring possibilities for boarding school, it is natural to consider schools within a few hours drive of home: Proximity offers the obvious benefit of convenient travel. Increasingly, however, families with whom we work at TBG are allowing their children to look everywhere in search of the best fit. This trend absolutely delights me because it expands horizons and leads to life-changing opportunities.

Exploring a wide geographic range expands... read more

The Right Road

While co-education is more common in modern society, many independent schools carve out a valuable niche by serving either boys or girls. The best of these schools keep up with cutting-edge research about the differences between male... read more

College Bound

You would be surprised how often I work with families who once never imagined hiring an educational consultant. 

Megan Rubiner Zinn recently wrote about this phenomenon in the New York Times. For years, she perceived the hiring of professional advisors to aid in the college search process as gilding the lily or helicopter parenting. When her eldest son’s turn 
came, she reached out to an advisor about one specific question, planning to facilitate the rest of the... read more

The Flip Side

Telling stories is one of the most important ways that we as human beings connect and make sense of the world around us. Consequently, how we frame our own personal stories has a profound affect on the impressions that we make on others... read more

Bertram News

In August The Association of Boarding Schools, with almost 300 schools in its membership, announced a 5-year initiative to shine a spotlight on the value of boarding schools throughout the United States and Canada. This collaborative initiative reflects 16 months of in-depth research and review by more than 160 leaders from 96 TABS member schools. 

TBG is pleased to share this Q&A with TABS Executive Director Peter Upham and Director of Member Relations Andy Hirt to explore how this new initiative will help families find the “best-fit” schools for their children.

Q: What is the goal of this initiative?
Pete: College-prep boarding schools in North America are among the best schools in the ... read more

Action Steps

Whether for boarding school or college applications, many candidates will be preparing for interviews in the coming months. In addition, many schools incorporate public speaking into their curriculum. Consider these as opportunities to build... read more

Sustainable Paths

Sierra Magazine has released its annual ranking of “Cool Schools,” which recognizes colleges with a strong commitment to environmentalism... read more

Worthwhile Detours

ADDitude Magazine is chock full of news and research-based, practical strategies for supporting children with ADHD and learning differences. Check out this online article that gives a clear explanation, along with helpful tips, relating to Executive Function Disorder. Another article helps parents, teachers, and caregivers understand why children with ADHD often get carried... read more