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Back to School 2018


Welcome to another academic year, with its wonderful promise of personal growth. We are excited for all of our Bertram candidates as last year’s graduates enjoy new beginnings at their schools of choice and future graduates look ahead to plan their next educational challenge.

Every year the diversity of students with whom we work is a testament to how many types of learners exist and the value of each individual finding the school that best meets their needs. With this issue of our newsletter, I am also reminded of the breadth of educational choices available to today’s students. An historical wealth of knowledge in the fields of education and psychology, enhanced by contemporary research, has built an array of high caliber institutions, ranging from traditional boarding and day schools to experiential learning opportunities and therapeutic educational programs. As always, we at The Bertram Group are available to help your family explore these varied options. It is a joy to get to know all of our candidates and to see them blossom and fulfill their potential.

            In this issue:

  • I highlight some characteristics unique to iGen—the demographic group now entering high schools and colleges.
  • Audrey outlines what to look for in schools for gifted learners. 
  • Deena discusses new research that adds nuance to the classic advice that college applicants and students “find their passion.”
  • Jeremy explores school wellness initiatives and how parents can also help reduce student stress.
  • Holly shares the insiders’ perspectives of students and college admissions officers about the value of semester programs.
  • In Bertram News, we introduce new affiliate Holly Daniels.
  • Our Save the Date feature highlights an upcoming conference relating to transgender students.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

Cammie Bertram and the Bertram Team

The Big Picture

We are at the end of an era as the youngest Millennials graduate from college and educators turn their attention to the next generation. The name isn’t yet solidified for the cohort born in 1996 or later, which is commonly called both... read more

The Right Road

Since Gifted and Talented initiatives first arose in the 1970s, we have learned a lot about the unique needs of extremely bright students. Tightening budgets, however, make it increasingly difficult for public schools to serve this population.... read more

College Bound

Every college applicant in recent years has heard the adage to “find your passion.” These words are intended to encourage and inspire. Yet, they can be misunderstood as well. Some young adults expect the identification of a passion to... read more

The Flip Side

With rates of anxiety and depression on the rise among teens and young adults, we increasingly hear about schools and colleges offering student programs relating to “wellness.” For many parents, this word first crept into our... read more

From the Quad

Imagine being a high school student engaged in real-world research to determine the effect of lionfish on juvenile snappers and mangrove nurseries in the Bahamas. Or picture yourself attending a weekly meeting with nonpartisan policy experts in Washington, DC, to develop a brief to present to legislators. Or maybe fulfilling your honors-level academic course requirements while undertaking wilderness trips in the Appalachian Mountains or investigating how to make fuel from plastics and... read more

Bertram News

For Holly Daniels, becoming a therapeutic educational consultant was a natural next step in an already unique career path. After college, Holly worked for 14 years as a television actress and producer before getting a doctorate degree in psychology and becoming a licensed therapist. “Psychology is an extension of my creative work because both fields are all about knowing people and understanding the human experience,” Holly explains. She was also drawn to this work because having... read more

Save the Date

February 17-19, 2019 — Atlanta, GA

The Gender Education and DeMystification Symposium (GEMS) is an annual event designed to offer a clinical and educational perspective regarding gender identity. Symposium attendees hear from the nation’s leading experts and attend break-out sessions covering a wide range of topics focused on assisting transgender children, adolescents, and young adults. Educators, educational consultants, clinicians, and program staff who... read more