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Fall 2009

Welcome to Bertram Directions, our new e-newsletter for parents, educators, and others committed to educational excellence.

Autumn is an exciting and challenging time for families. Graduate and college applications, essays and recommendations, school visits, academic evaluations, balance between school and social pressures -- all swirl around households like so many wind-blown leaves. But our team can create a sense of purpose, direction, and calm during this busy season, helping you find the right path at each stage.

This is also a season when children tend to act out in ways that may require new educational options. We help parents in their search for an appropriate, safe, and healthy environment.

Our seasoned team of professionals ensures that every student and family gets an edge -- the Bertram Edge -- in achieving educational excellence. We welcome your suggestions for future issues.


Cammie Bertram and The Bertram Team
191 Post Road West, Westport, Connecticut 06880

Signs and Signals

According to this recent trend study, the number of applications to four-year colleges and universities has increased for the fourth year in a row. 3.33 million students graduated from high school in 2008-09, reaching a peak in a decade of consistent growth.

In March of 2009, the New York Times launched "The Choice,"... read more

The Right Road

College, graduate school, independent day and boarding school applications and school visits, essay editing, sports and social schedules are all activities of the season. Combined with the upcoming demands of holiday planning, it's enough to stress even the calmest of families.

Working with an independent advisor can often relieve some of the parent/child tension points that occur during this busy time. Be sure to:

  • Plan family activities that do not involve academics;
  • ... read more
Our Footprints

Please welcome these two experienced professionals to the Bertram team…


Melinda L. Irwin, Ph.D., M.P.H. is no stranger to research and care. She is now applying her extensive academic background, passion for mentoring, and experience with admissions to counsel Bertram's clients on college and graduate school acceptance. She is an Associate Professor and researcher at Yale University.


... read more

The Savvy Guide

Marcie Swift, M.Ed., a Nationally Certified School Psychologist has designed a program called Roadmap for Success (now available to Bertram families). She believes that students need to better understand their passions, abilities, and motivators before they can make rational decisions about college and graduate school. Each student gets a 60-page "self-analysis" and can then develop a personalized mission statement and action plan. "This simple and actionable process can save... read more

The Compass
  • Complete college and secondary school essays and applications, so you can enjoy the holiday season.
  • Register for standardized tests. You can find the SAT and Subject Test schedulehere.
  • Schedule a FLEX test (SSAT offers only one per year per candidate). The test can be administered in our Westport, Connecticut office. Please 
  • ... read more
The Socially-Responsible Highway: A Greener Route

Each month, this section will focus on an aspect of education related to sustainability.

Green careers are an area of growth, and these schools have developed programs geared toward helping future graduates prepare for sustainable jobs. And many colleges have taken significant steps to "green their campuses." This College Sustainability Report Card is an ideal way to see how a particular school is faring in its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.... read more