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Spring 2012

As your family moves into the Spring semester, you have many important adjustments to make and challenges to face. Acceptance notifications are going to be coming back to you over the next few weeks and all of us at Bertram are here to help you on these critical decisions. No matter if you need guidance on the college or graduate school admissions process, overcoming emotional or learning issues, or choosing the right boarding school, Bertram is with you every step of the way.

And, as always, we welcome your feedback, comments and family news.


Cammie Bertram and The Bertram Team
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Signs and Signals

Can computers enable students to teach themselves? Watch the video below on how a M.I.T. professor showed that children in India could teach themselves English with the help of computers.

We're taking the lessons from this video to heart and using our own technology to help you gain insight and guidance on the application process, determining the best fit, test taking, essays, interviewing, and much more. Be sure to look into our complimentary E-Learning Educational Webinar Series... read more

From the Quad

It's about to be that time again. The notification letters from boarding schools and colleges are arriving and the tension is rising. This is an important time, however, to step back and really examine your unique situation. Take a look at this bit of advice from Bertram written a few years ago that still retains the same truths today.... read more

The Right Road

Is your high school senior suffering from "Senioritis"? See what this Admissions Dean at a prestigious college had to say about slacking off during the last semester. In schools all over the country, more and more students are asking for wiggle room with their academic workload. Meanwhile, administrations are struggling to find a balance between accommodating and being fair to all students. ... read more

The Savvy Guide

Pete Upham, Executive Director of theThe Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) recently shared these key trends in boarding school education with us.

  • Boarding schools are more diverse than ever before. 30% of students in boarding schools are now international, which means that your child will get a truly global experience!
  • These schools are among theleading innovators in education
  • ... read more
The Socially Responsible Highway

The 2nd Annual Green Schools National Conference in Denver, COtook place the last week of February. This it the only national gathering of educators focused on making schools and districts greener & healthier for all children.

Is your family considering a University on the Princeton Review Green Honor Roll? Check out the top 16 schools in the... read more

New Footprints

So much has been happening with Bertram! Our team's own Audrey Ludemann recently attended an Independent Educational Consultants Association Webinar. If your child is thinking about studying abroad, be sure to read these interesting statistics (PDF) about international education.

We also want to congratulate Audrey on her nomination to the board of the ... read more

Off the Beaten Path

Is your child having a hard time deciding what college is the best fit?Read these descriptions of fictional colleges - from literature, TV & movies - and maybe you'll get a better sense of what colleges you wish were real.

A new trend in education isindividualized studies... read more

The Compass

Register for standardized tests. Click these links to register for SAT and Subject Tests, ACT and GMAT.

You can also schedule the SSAT FLEX test. The test can be administered in our Westport, CT office. Please call ore-mail us.... read more

Bertram Says...

More and more educators are turning to assistive technology to help students work around learning disabilities. The more you know about assistive technology, the more likely your child will succeed in school and beyond. Click here to read an excellent overview of these new tools.... read more