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Spring 2018


As always, springtime brings the promise of possibilities. Candidates concluding their searches are excitedly confirming their attendance at desired schools and colleges. Families launching their searches are musing on what qualities might make an educational environment an inspiring fit for their students. Although the traditional admissions season is wrapping up, opportunities still remain for students who would like to explore boarding schools for the upcoming school year. Wherever you are in planning your educational future, we are available to help you find the schools that are the best fit for pursuing your hopes and dreams.

Throughout this issue of the newsletter, you’ll find philosophies and strategies for thinking deeply about that phrase “best fit.” Whether a day or boarding school, independent secondary schools are increasingly looking at this question through the lens of understanding a student’s character and supporting wellness. The same is true at colleges and universities. Every school community seeks to serve its students with the right balance of support and challenge. And with the world constantly changing, our educational institutions innovate creative strategies for helping emerging young adults achieve their potential.

In this issue:

  • We reprint Holly’s article, recently published nationally by the Independent Educational Consultants Association, that reveals the value of keeping the details of a school search private.
  • Deena recommends ways parents can help students with learning differences prepare to advocate for themselves in college.
  • Peter Gilbert, Director of Admissions, discusses character at Salisbury School in Connecticut.
  • Audrey continues to explore how boarding schools are assessing character in the admissions process.
  • Jeremy identifies how parents can help teens unplug by modeling digital boundaries themselves.
  • In Bertram News, Holly offers a short profile of my career in this field. 

As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

Cammie Bertram and the Bertram Team

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The Flip Side

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Bertram News

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