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Summer 2011

As temperatures rise, summer can also be a time to warm up for the academic year ahead. Many families consult us during summer breaks so that we can help them prepare for the Fall at a more leisurely pace.

We hope you'll take some time (en route to the beach or mountains) to stay in touch.



Cammie Bertram and The Bertram Team
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Signs and Signals

International students are taking American Universities by storm. Could more International students attend American Colleges than U.S. students one day? According to Pete Upham of TABS, 31% of all boarding school students are international. In 2009-2010, China passed South Korea to become America's largest source of international... read more

The Right Road

Crime statistics say that minor youth offenses go up 10-20% during the summer months. Parents can cut off potential problems at the pass by keeping a keen eye out for signs of a troubled child. Below are a few. Cammie Bertram details all the tell-tale signs in this blog post:

  1. Withdrawal from family and friends
  2. Extensive sadness or irritability
  3. Isolating behaviors, daily and at nighttime
  4. ... read more
The Savvy Guide

Even in early June, summer school programs are still accepting students says educational consultant Holly McGlennon Treat in her article in From the Quad. Schools such as the Cardigan Summer Mountain School andSalisbury Summer School not only offer... read more

The Socially Responsible Highway

At this time of the year, graduates all over the world purchase caps and gowns which they end up wearing for only a few hours before discarding them. These same caps and gowns usually end up in landfills. Oak Hill Cap and Gown have created a solution with their GreenWeaver line. These caps, gowns, and other graduate accessories are made of molten plastic pellets that enable the... read more

New Footprints
Off the Beaten Path

Want to know what your major is really worth? Click here to calculate the potential return on your major.

What's your "aptitude"? Discover the most useful iPhone apps for college students here.... read more

Bertram Says...

The success of movies like the "The Social Network' which depict the rise of Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, has spawned a whole new generation of computer science majors. Hollywood's glamorization of the tech world mixed with the celebrity-status of global tech icons like Steve Jobs have led to prestigious universities such as Yale seeing students signing up... read more