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Summer 2013


This is an exciting time of growth here at The Bertram Group, as we are receiving more calls than ever before from families seeking assistance in navigating the complex world of educational offerings for their children. We have responded by expanding capacity in several ways. Last fall three of our associates—Audrey Noyes Ludemann, Holly McGlennon Treat, and Jeremy McGeorge—were elevated to become full partners in the firm. Since then we have also added Deena Maerowitz as a professional affiliate who specializes in college and graduate school advising (read more in New Connections).

We are also relaunching our newsletter with a fresh design and new columns to bring you not only the latest trends in education, but The Bertram Group expertise in how those trends relate to your current planning for your son or daughter. In this issue, I will highlight new research about the effects of "helicopter parenting;" Holly will discuss the value of "grit," one of the latest buzzwords in the admissions field; Audrey explores how the latest thinking about dyslexia emphasizes student strengths; and Deena outlines strategies for balancing summer fun and college applications.

The end of spring and beginning of summer is a particularly wonderful time of year for me. I am thrilled to report that all my candidates are confirmed to be on next year's enrollment list at a school that fulfills their dreams. I love reading the unencumbered enthusiasum that young adults express about their new schools in our correspondence. My deepest gratification comes from helping young people feel empowered and happy about their success.

And then the whole cycle begins again—with new families, alongside returning high school students who are now planning for college, or returning undergraduates who are looking ahead to medical, business, and law schools. Regardless of where you find your family along this path, I hope to bolster your faith and optimism in the process. Yes, school selection, application, and ongoing planning is increasingly complex in an increasingly competitive environment. It is also a process with moments of tremendous joy—and at The Bertram Group we look for opportunities for laughter along the way as well—as young people focus in on their goals, sometimes make mistakes, and eventually discover the strengths that will lead to their success. Even after eighteen years guiding students, I cannot think of any work that I would rather be doing.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you.


Cammie Bertram and The Bertram Team

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Sustainable Paths

Sixty-two percent of 9,955 college applicants surveyed by The Princeton Review said that a school's commitment to the environment would influence their decision to apply or attend. According to Jeremy McGeorge, Bertram's sustainable education "guru," the world of higher education is taking notice of students' priorities in this arena. "It's exciting to see," he says, "that what was once considered a new trend is now being integrated into the core of many colleges and universities."

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