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Summer 2017


We are so proud of our candidates, and their families, and the work we do together to bring educational dreams to fruition. I am pleased to report that all those who went through the recent admission cycle have found new school homes that excite them. More than 90 percent of our boarding school candidates will attend their first-choice schools this fall. Our candidates also enjoy success and a variety of interests as they matriculate at colleges and universities nationwide and around the globe.

Looking back over the years, Bertram candidates have attended more than 100 different boarding and day schools, plus many different colleges. We are proud of every candidate as they fulfill their goals at each unique institution. We are honored that our work intersects with the mission of so many wonderful schools.

Around this time every year, some families decide they would like to explore new options for the coming September, but worry that the window has passed. Good news! Every year we work through the summer to help candidates find schools that make the next school year something to eagerly anticipate. For those looking farther out, the summer months—outside the deadlines of the academic year—are also a perfect time to begin your journey. At The Bertram Group, we are always available to help you take the next step in your school search.

In this issue:

  • Audrey introduces a new series—featuring a guest interview with Thomas Sheppard of Lawrenceville School—that explores how different boarding schools incorporate character into their admission review and educational programs.
  • Holly and Krissy share the first of two columns that explain what boarding schools offer students with learning differences.
  • Our From the Quad column features a guest interview with Jim Power, Ed.D, Head of Schools at the unique Culver Academies in Indiana.
  • Deena outlines how to make the most of college visits.
  • In Action Steps, I discuss the timetable for scheduling visits to boarding school campuses.
  • Jeremy reports on the Therapeutic Consulting Association, which is creating new, industry-wide systems to serve families with struggling students.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you.
Cammie Bertram and the Bertram Team

The Right Road

Expanding scientific research about connections between cognitive and noncognitive skills is creating new opportunities to discuss core values. Boarding schools have long... read more

The Flip Side

Learning differences add complexity and increase the urgency of educational planning—and many students with learning differences discover that they thrive at boarding schools. These unique settings integrate academic challenge and support beyond the traditional school day, maximizing the potential for students to develop self-awareness about their learning styles and come into their own as confident, successful learners. Many students benefit from a boarding school’s structured study hours, the availability of teachers, and being fully immersed in a community that encompasses academics, extra-curricular, and social activities.

As general awareness about learning differences has grown,... read more

From the Quad

This is the latest of a series profiling schools from different regions of the country. Culver Academies is a college-preparatory boarding school in the Midwest with a focus on leadership and whole person education.

Where... read more

College Bound

The recent New York Times headline Skipping the College Tour, may have some families wondering whether visiting a college campus before deciding to attend is worth it. I can assure you, it is.

The article is correct in saying that “visiting a college is not the same as being a student there.”... read more

Action Steps

We frequently receive questions about when is the best time for students to visit boarding school campuses. The answer is…that depends on what experience will help your family take the next step in your school search.

Some families like to build campus visits into summer travel plans. Just stepping foot on a campus can help students get a feel for the atmosphere of boarding school and begin to... read more

Bertram News

Through research, collaboration and professional development, an emerging organization hopes to support the growing niche of therapeutic educational consulting. The Therapeutic Consulting Association, which formally launched in 2015, is the first professional organization to focus on the valuable work that takes place at the intersection of education and behavioral health care. The Bertram Group is proud that partner... read more

New Connections

Bertram affiliates are constantly on the go—visiting campuses and attending conferences to stay at the forefront of developments in the field of education. Through our travels we build strong networks and a deep understanding of what makes each educational institution unique. We always keep our current candidates in mind and are gleaning information that will be valuable to future school searches as well.... read more

Worthwhile Detours

Intrigued by how humans navigate the complexities of life, Harvard psychologist and best-selling author Daniel Gilbert makes headlines with his research into the processes of decision-making (see his talk below). He is particularly interested in questions about how well people can predict how they will feel about future events, how people understand each other, and how the illusions people have about the world and themselves... read more