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The Right Road

Bertram Group Builds Global Educational Network

Two years after the first Bertram Group journey to Asia, we have again crossed the ocean to discuss the variety of educational opportunities available in the United States and Canada. In September, Camille Bertram, Audrey Ludemann and Kristen Naspo spent two busy weeks in Shanghai and Hong Kong meeting with international schools, tutoring programs, learning centers, therapists, psychologists, and families.

The response to our visit was tremendous: A seminar we offered for families received so many RSVP's that we added another session to the schedule. Heads of school and institutional leaders arranged for key members of their faculty and staff to hear our presentation. Wherever we went, we were gratified by a warm welcome and the knowledge that the information we shared was valued by educators and families.

Core areas of interest were:

  • As we discovered on our previous trip, junior boarding school opportunities hold significant interest, and yet are still not well known.
  • Institutions are also eager to learn about boarding school opportunities in the United States and Canada. They want to expand their capacity to advise expat and other families on school selection in the Western hemisphere.
  • Therapeutic options and approaches for serving students with learning differences are not readily available in these cities. Those with whom we met had heard only of a few programs in Europe, and were enthusiastic to learn about new opportunities for students in the United States and Canada.
  • Our contacts also welcomed information about college selection. Being so far away, many rely primarily on the Internet for information and so appreciated expanding their resources.

We want to offer a special thank you to J. Edward Kidd, formerly high school principal of the Shanghai American School and current headmaster of Ridley College in Ontario, for his support in developing our global relationships with new colleagues.
Our trip overall was a success and we look forward to returning to Asia again soon.

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