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Career Counseling at The Bertram Group


Launching into independent life – or at least, somewhat independent life – after college and in the years that follow is often a challenge, but never more so than in these turbulent times. While opportunities still exist, finding them may require more time and effort. The Bertram Group’s career counselor and professional affiliate Dr. Michelle Tullier is currently helping young adults define their career and job targets and position themselves as strong candidates for work they will find not only meaningful but sustainable.

  • This includes the philosophy graduate from a small private college who landed a job with a global nonprofit in 18 days after Michelle and the client overhauled her resume and LinkedIn profile, and after Michelle’s coaching on how to be visible on social media with curated posts that convey this young woman’s interests in social justice.
  • This includes the engineering graduate who had been job searching for several months, firing off countless job applications online with hardly a response and who now is working at one of his dream companies after Michelle helped him get past his reluctance to network.
  • And, this includes the journalism/media major who graduated last December not wanting to work in his field of study, who had been valet parking cars at a country club until COVID derailed that stop-gap job. After Michelle’s counseling to help him figure out what he wanted to do (sales) and how to get it, he received two attractive offers from financial services firms.

I encourage you to contact us at to see how Dr. Tullier can help you or your young adult move out, move on, and move up!

Camille M. Bertram