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Signs and Signals

The Changing Education Landscape

According to this recent trend study, the number of applications to four-year colleges and universities has increased for the fourth year in a row. 3.33 million students graduated from high school in 2008-09, reaching a peak in a decade of consistent growth.

In March of 2009, the New York Times launched "The Choice," a blog devoted to the college application process. Real-time data and interactive media are terrific, but we believe that nothing can replace one-on-one counseling and guidance.

LSAT and GMAT test-taking seem to be on the upswing, as many college graduates and adult job-changers see graduate school as an attractive option during an uncertain economy. Bertram has recently expanded its counseling team to ensure that our clients have an "edge" in the application process.

What is the "right education" for the years ahead? Thomas Friedman's perspective on the "new untouchables" can be found in this thought-provoking editorial from the New York Times.