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Signs and Signals

The Changing Education Landscape

International students are taking American Universities by storm. Could more International students attend American Colleges than U.S. students one day? According to Pete Upham of TABS, 31% of all boarding school students are international. In 2009-2010, China passed South Korea to become America's largest source of international undergraduates. In fact, there are 50,000 more Chinese students applying to our schools and colleges in 2011 than in 2010, according to Mark Sklarow of IECA.

Is your teen on a college wait list? If so, the good news is that they're still in the game. Wait lists have moved quite a bit over the summer in recent years. Read the 5 things you should know about college wait lists.

Virtual high schools are growing exponentially in the U.S. About 200,000 students attend online schools full-time. Read this New York Times article to learn more.