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Signs and Signals

The Changing Education Landscape

What constitutes the "best" college? It's a subject of debate. The U.S. News & World Report just named the Best Colleges of 2011, and here is our response.

Will college textbooks become obsolete? Will iPads and e-readers replace old-fashioned page turning? One professor from Oklahoma State University puts iPads to the test. Read more in USA Today. Some colleges even give students iPads. Here is the list of all eleven.

As the applicant pool for traditional scholarships grows, new sites provide much-needed alternatives by empowering students to build their own scholarships. Read this U.S. News article for more.

Deans of Admission say that for college applications, thoughtfulness, not speed, is key. Despite popular belief, there is no benefit to being the first to apply. As long as you're before the deadline, you're in a pool with the rest. Read more in this New York Times article.