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Signs and Signals

The Changing Education Landscape

What will education look like in the next decade? Read some predictions here along with ways that new economic realities are changing "old rules."

The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that today's youth spend more than 7 hours each day using electronic media. And because they multi-task, they may actually be packing more than 10 hours of media into that time. Need to unplug? Watch the video in The Right Road column at right. (Read the Kaiser report here.)

The number of students taking AP exams is at an all-time high yet many students may simply not be properly prepared as failure rates are also climbing. Read more in this USA Today article.

Schools have become more creative and competitive in their marketing approaches and this Yale recruiting video is getting a combination of rave reviews and razzes, according to this New Yorker article. What do you think? Take our poll!