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Pete Upham, Executive Director of theThe Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) recently shared these key trends in boarding school education with us.

  • Boarding schools are more diverse than ever before. 30% of students in boarding schools are now international, which means that your child will get a truly global experience!
  • These schools are among theleading innovators in education today, integrating new technologies into the learning process. Your child can enjoy tools not found in many other teaching environments.
  • They have become sustainable communities -- with many boarding school environments adopting environmentalism as a way of life. Classrooms, operations, and even the environments themselves have all become "living labs" for new sustainable solutions. See "The Socially Responsible Highway" below for more ways schools are becoming greener.

"If you're considering boarding school options, visit a campus!" Upham exclaims. "There is no better way to explore the idea and decide if it's the right option for your child."