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Sustainable Paths

Independent Schools on Board with Sustainability

In June the National Association of Independent Schools organized a three-day summit around environmental sustainability in independent schools. Educators, administrators and facility managers from around the country gathered to discuss the many facets of what sustainability means at a school. The group met at The Hotchkiss School, in Lakeville, CT, and toured its recently opened biomass facility, which is expected to reduce the school’s carbon footprint by 35-45% and save more than $500,000 annually in fuel costs.

The conference and the facility represent a growing trend among boarding and day schools to explore sustainability for purpose-driven and cost-saving benefits. This trend is welcomed by students tuned into importance of sustainability and by parents who want precious tuition dollars to be spent wisely and efficiently.

Jeremy McGeorge is Bertram’s sustainable education “guru.” He also specializes in serving families whose children need therapeutic services as part of their educational plan. He can be reached