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Kristen J. Naspo Promoted to Partner


I am pleased to share the news that Kristen J. Naspo now officially carries the title of partner at The Bertram Group. Krissy first joined us in 2013 as a professional affiliate. Her expertise, energy, and enthusiasm for working with young people is to be admired. Below is a profile of Krissy’s background. Next week, watch for a timely column from her about how to find a boarding school for enrollment by this coming September. Krissy will describe a strategy that can potentially expedite a school search.


About Kristen J. Naspo

Before becoming an educational consultant, Krissy had a robust career working at the Hillside School, a junior boarding school in Massachusetts, and at Portsmouth Abbey School and St. Andrews School, two boarding schools in Rhode Island. Having served as a Director of Admissions and also having been responsible for secondary school placement, Krissy brings a unique perspective to her role as an educational advisor. “Working at boarding schools has given me insight into how these institutions go about fulfilling their missions,” she says. “So, I’m able to help families understand the various ways a school might match their needs.”

Throughout her career, Krissy has enjoyed working with a wide range of learners. In her work at The Bertram Group, she helps candidates find traditional boarding schools and therapeutic educational options. Krissy also brings experience in working with international families. She has traveled the world—visiting Seoul, Taiwan, Thailand, Jamaica, Bahamas, and Mexico—to work with families whose students want to attend school in the United States.

Both in her time in admissions and as an educational consultant, Krissy has seen the impact of students finding a school environment that is just right for them. “Sometimes students lose confidence for a variety of reasons,” she says. “When we identify what they need, everything clicks and students begin to thrive in multiple areas of their life.” She points out that this transformation is just as powerful for students seeking additional challenge as it is for students who need another layer of academic or social support to find their stride.

Krissy particularly likes helping students find schools where they can broaden and deepen their interests. “At a boarding school, so much is immediately accessible,” she says. “This allows students to explore more than they’ve been able to before.”