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Linden Tours and Bertram Group To Collaborate

The Bertram Group is excited to announce a new alliance with John A. Williamson, executive director of Linden Boarding School Tours.

John's career spans more than 25 years of working in admissions at boarding schools and colleges, where he has overseen international recruitment programs. U.S. boarding schools have historically enrolled students from a variety of countries to create opportunities for cultural exchange and to help students establish personal networks that reach around the globe. Recognizing how boarding schools could benefit from coordination of international outreach, John founded Linden Boarding School Tours to arrange and publicize school events in Turkey, Kazahkstan, Columbia, Ecuador, Korea, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Kuwait, Ghana, Nigeria, and elsewhere.

"We are one of the few companies in the world to specialize in recruiting for boarding schools," John says, explaining that many families outside the United States have few avenues for learning about the excellent educational opportunities available at boarding schools. Linden Tours brings together families and representatives from boarding schools that are mostly within the United States, but also from Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and other countries. These tours also work to strengthen multinational relationships between boarding school representatives and local educational advisors and counselors around the globe.

Once families discover the exciting possibilities in boarding schools, they often ask for John's guidance about how to proceed. "But we don't have the time to do in-depth counseling," John says. "By connecting families to The Bertram Group, we can serve families and schools better. We appreciate the integrity with which The Bertram Group conducts their work. By teaming up, we can make sure families find schools where the fit is perfect, as opposed to just being good."

The Bertram Group was introduced to Linden Tours earlier this year through Tom Sheppard, Dean of Admission at The Lawrenceville School and his wife, Jennifer Sheppard, Director of Admission and Enrollment Management at George School. Bertram is the only educational consulting firm to which Linden Tours is referring families. "Our organizations had instant synergy," Cammie Bertram says, "because we approach the educational world in the same way and strive for the same gold standard of excellence in serving students and families. It is a privilege to be affiliated with Linden."