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A Message from The Bertram Group

It is hard to believe that two months have passed since The Bertram Group launched our COVID-19 series. Each week we have offered the latest updates to help students and families take the next step in their educational planning, regardless of whether they are concluding or launching a school search.

Watching the rapid response of independent schools and colleges this spring has been an inspiration. There has never been a stronger, collective testament to educators’ deep commitment to the health, social-emotional development, and intellectual growth of their students. Nationwide, we now wait to see what form school will take next fall. Almost every day brings new headlines with a wide variety of scenarios. We are living through a historic moment that calls on everyone to be flexible and resilient. We are confident that independent schools and colleges will continue to deliver an excellent education, even amidst tremendous challenge.

By now, most students have made their decisions about this spring’s school acceptances. For those currently starting school searches, admission departments have already expanded their virtual offerings to help you explore their schools. Even amidst adversity, continuing to set goals and taking intentional action are the best strategies for achieving your aspirations. Our next newsletter will be released in the fall. Until then, we at The Bertram Group are just an email or phone call away. We are always available to support you in pursuing your educational dreams. Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay in touch.     

Cammie Bertram

Camille M. Bertram—Founder and President

Audrey N. Ludemann—Principal, Day and Boarding School Advising

Deena Maerowitz—Principal, College and Graduate School Advising

Holly McGlennon Treat—Principal, Boarding School Advising

Jeremy McGeorge—Principal, Non-traditional Advising

Kristen J. Naspo—Senior Associate

Michelle Tullier—Career consulting, job/internship coaching, resume and LinkedIn profile writing