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Mindset Management: Helping Young Adults Thrive in a Complex World

For more than a decade, medical professionals and educators have been concerned about rising rates of anxiety during adolescence and young adulthood. These challenges have now been exacerbated by the pandemic, with millions of students feeling isolated and having missed out on important experiences for personal growth.

To help young people survive and thrive in this complex environment, The Bertram Group is collaborating with affiliate Caroline Pereira to offer a lifeline to young adults.  Paramount Platinum is a comprehensive life coaching program specifically geared for ages 17 to 28, the prime years when young people are exploring higher education and launching their careers. Paramount Platinum includes an online self-paced course, a year of weekly group coaching sessions with other peer participants, one-on-one coaching sessions, and mentorship from high-achieving business leaders, athletes, wellness experts, and influencers who share their secrets to a well-rounded and fulfilling life. The online course can be audited by parents who want to discuss the core concepts and principles as a family.

As a master life coach for more than a decade, Caroline has helped hundreds of young people build a sense of clarity and perspective that empowers them to take healthy risks in an uncertain world. “The experience of learning from both our successes and our mistakes is critical for success in every aspect of life,” Caroline says. Yet many young people are reluctant to take any action that might not easily succeed.

The tremendous pressure to meet high expectations, process the onslaught of unsettling current events, and manage the constant visibility that comes with social media takes a toll on young adults. “The contentious public dialogue in recent years and the scope of societal challenges are a persistent source of insecurity and stress for young adults,” Caroline says. “Meanwhile, the exponential growth of technology has created a real-time social culture that makes it even more difficult for individuals to have space to process ideas and develop their own values and identity.”

Young adults who have previously worked with Caroline describe their experience as life-changing in helping to overcome mental blocks, manage emotions and relationships, and develop actual plans to pursue their goals. “Young people are hungry to create lives that bring them joy and love, and allow them to feel passionate about why they get up in the morning,” Caroline says. “My goal is to help young adults understand themselves, build their capacity to respond to stress, and align their actions with their true desires.”

If you know a young adult who can’t get out of his or her own way, then Paramount Platinum might be the answer. Contact for more information.