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New Affiliate Brings Specialty in Helping Students Find Therapeutic Support in Programs On and Off-Campus

For Holly Daniels, becoming a therapeutic educational consultant was a natural next step in an already unique career path. After college, Holly worked for 14 years as a television actress and producer before getting a doctorate degree in psychology and becoming a licensed therapist. “Psychology is an extension of my creative work because both fields are all about knowing people and understanding the human experience,” Holly explains. She was also drawn to this work because having experienced an eating disorder herself, she recognizes how critical it is for young people to get the support they need while defining their identity and finding their place in the world.

Since 2010, Holly has worked in private practice and in multiple clinics helping people address issues relating to addiction, compulsive behaviors, and other aspects of mental health. Along the way, she also launched Connected Directions to help recovering teens and young adults steady their educational footing. “When families are in crisis, communications can break down, and adolescents can feel stuck,” she says. “It brings me great joy to help young people get unstuck and find their way forward to health and well-being.” Holly also works with students who are on the autism spectrum or have other learning differences.

Holly has helped students nationwide and is pleased at the variety of options available for both high school and college. She points out that many therapeutic programs now make arrangements for students to continue academic progress, rather than putting their educations on hold to focus on health. Meanwhile, “colleges are increasingly creating robust systems of mental health support,” she says. “So students can get help while on campus or when they return to campus from a treatment program.”

The Bertram Group values Holly’s experience in the field of mental health and her in-depth knowledge of therapeutic programs on college campuses, as well as how the health departments associated with those programs support students with learning differences. In addition, “Holly is a woman of impressive integrity and character,” says Cammie Bertram.

Holly says it is an honor to become a TBG affiliate. She lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband, who also works in the medical field, and her two children, who attend Harvard Westlake High School.