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New Affiliates Enhance Connections with Western Schools and Programs

The Bertram Group is excited to announce its newest affiliate relationship, with James and Kathryn Meyer of Park City, Utah. This partnership enhances our ability to serve families throughout the United States, particularly because more than half of the country’s therapeutic programs are located in the western mountain region.

The Meyers specialize in serving young people whose challenges are preventing them from reaching their full potential and are putting their health and well-being at risk. “I’ve always had an affinity for students that are struggling,” James says. “I like working with them and helping them to solve problems.”

James and Kathy both grew up on the East Coast: James attended boarding school at Choate Rosemary Hall, earned his M.A. in education from Fairfield University in Connecticut, and taught at Rippowam-Cisqua School in New York. Kathy earned an M.S. in social work from Columbia University and worked in several residential treatment centers in New York. The couple moved to Park City, Utah in 1998 when James served as founder and headmaster of the Oakley School, a nationally-renowned residential therapeutic boarding school. Kathy worked as a therapist at the Oakley School, and later developed a career as an educational consultant.

Together the couple has now launched Meyer Education and Family Services. Thus the Meyers help students make the transition—when and as appropriate—from more to less structured environments throughout what the Meyers describe as a “continuum of care.” About 20 percent of their student candidates are currently in traditional boarding schools, after having been in therapeutic programs.

“Because I’ve visited so many programs in this area,” Kathy explains, “I really know what the therapeutic world is like and what programs would truly serve a student. We visit students before and even after they are placed, so we have a detailed picture of what the child needs and how to support him or her.”

This close-in perspective integrates the Meyers into a child’s treatment team and is particularly helpful for parents, who may not reside nearby a particular program. “We are able to be clear and direct with parents, and provide important and calming information,” James says. “Parents appreciate that.”

The Meyers met Cammie Bertram many years ago while at the Oakley School. “Cammie always stood out as someone who was a pleasure to work with because of her collaborative approach,” James says. “We are honored to be part of this group that is so focused on what each child needs.”

“Bringing the Meyers on as affiliates feels like welcoming family,” Cammie says. “They have a deep commitment to the values we share and this connection will help us serve more families globally, both in therapeutic schools and traditional schools in the west.”

James and Kathy can be reached at