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Preliminary Visits Kickoff School Searches

A new trend is on the rise. Increasingly families are launching their searches with “preliminary visits” to schools of interest. These interactions consist of a campus tour and a brief introduction to an admissions officer. In fact, admissions offices are increasingly welcoming of such visits because it is a chance for both schools and students to make first impressions during a less busy time of year than the primary visiting season in fall and early winter.

With flowers blooming and students frequently outside to enjoy fine weather, spring is a festive time to visit school campuses. Such visits are wonderful opportunities for candidates to feel the chemistry of a school and hone the lists of where they would like to make more formal visits in the fall.

The season for preliminary visits ends around May 20th, before schools head into exams and the hectic final days leading to year-end and graduation activities. If you would like to explore this opportunity, please don’t hesitate to contact us at The Bertram Group. 

Cammie Bertram, founder and president of The Bertram Group, is highly respected within the educational community for her dedication to helping families accomplish their educational goals. She has more than twenty years of assisting students through both traditional and therapeutic advising at junior, secondary school, and college levels. She can be reached at