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Professional Certifications Highlight The Bertram Group Experience

The Bertram Group is proud to announce that affiliate Linda Magnussen has joined Cammie in earning the title of Certified Educational Planner. This ranking comes from the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners (AICEP), which recognizes the highest level of professional commitment among full-time educational consultants and school-based counselors.

All Bertram partners and affiliates have earned some level of membership, and some have served in leadership roles, within the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), which sets the standards for professionalism in this field. Being a Professional Member of IECA requires significant work in itself, including at least three years of experience, having advised at least 35 clients in private practice, references from admission officers, and visiting at least 25 boarding schools or 50 college campuses.

Earning the title of Certified Educational Planner from AICEP adds another layer—points toward certification are earned through advising students, visiting campuses, submitting reference letters, speaking at conferences, offering professional expertise in volunteer settings, and a variety of other professional activities. Linda, for example, has visited 120 college campuses in just the last few years. "I learn something from visiting each school," she explains, "just like I learn something from working with each client. The accumulation of these experiences means knowing about even more opportunities for students."

Linda Magnussen is a professional affiliate of The Bertram Group and president and founder of LM Educational Advisory LLC. She can be reached at