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The Right Road

School Search Strengthens Bond Between Parents and Teens

Every spring, watching families make decisions about school acceptances is deeply rewarding. I relish the trust and respect that flows between parents and children at this exciting time. Candidates are grateful for parents’ support of their emerging maturity. Parents are proud to let their budding young adults choose which school is best for them. 

One of the most inspiring parts of my work is personally witnessing how a school search prompts families to build stronger bonds even as their children express new levels of independence. This activity stimulates candidates to think deeply about personal life goals, take inventory of their strengths and challenges, and consider what qualities compose the optimal learning environment for them. With our guidance, it also teaches young people how to prioritize needs and wants and how to distinguish themselves among the pool of candidates. Throughout this journey, a school search is a living demonstration that the best way to achieve an exceptional product is to fully commit to an excellent process. These lessons will be relevant again in the college search and throughout life.

For parents, the school search offers a chance to view their children through a different lens—recognizing them as the most important driving force in shaping their own futures. As a result, students come into their own, gaining confidence as they develop self-awareness and take on more personal leadership.     

Our role as consultants is to facilitate this family adventure so that it is effective and enjoyable. Through our in-depth knowledge of schools and professional experience in working with families, we help parents and their children bond together as a team. I enjoy seeing parents loosen the reins and let their children drive decision-making. This is a beautiful expression of love and support at a critical moment in an adolescent’s life. I honor parents for the opportunities they generously provide, as well as for the values they have instilled within each and every one of our candidates. At The Bertram Group, we are grateful to guide this pivotal family experience.

Cammie Bertram, founder and president of The Bertram Group, is highly respected within the educational community for her dedication to helping families accomplish their educational goals. She has more than twenty years of assisting students through both traditional and therapeutic advising at junior, secondary school, and college levels. She can be reached at