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Sustainable Paths

Students Seek Green Schools; Colleges Respond

Sixty-two percent of 9,955 college applicants surveyed by The Princeton Review said that a school's commitment to the environment would influence their decision to apply or attend. According to Jeremy McGeorge, Bertram's sustainable education "guru," the world of higher education is taking notice of students' priorities in this arena. "It's exciting to see," he says, "that what was once considered a new trend is now being integrated into the core of many colleges and universities."

The Review's 2013 Guide to Green Colleges highlights 322 institutions. Schools with the highest possible score on the Review's sustainability assessment are featured on the Green Honor Roll. Examples of stand-out practices include The American University, in Washington, D.C., which encourages professors to incorporate sustainability content into curriculum and has a climate plan that targets neutrality by 2020. The California Institute of Technology has the second largest rooftop installation of solar panels among U.S. universities, resulting in an annual reduction in greenhouse emissions by more than 6,000 metric tons. The University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, is a major purchaser of wind-generated electricity and offers environmental degrees in the College of Business and the department of biology and microbiology.

Jeremy McGeorge specializes in serving families whose children need therapeutic services as part of their educational plan. He is also Bertram's sustainable education "guru." He can be reached at